About me: I lead the teaching ministry at the Antelope Valley Church in Southern California in addition to leading a small group and co-leading a recovery ministry. I'm an engineer by trade but the word of God is my passion. I was working towards a Certificate in the Bible from the Athens Institute of Ministry and am looking into getting a seminary degree.

About Public Christianity: I believe that being a disciple of Jesus is more than just showing up on Sundays. It is even more than reading a bunch of spiritual books. Being a disciple of Jesus means taking up our cross daily in every aspect of our lives. Public Christianity is my online ministry to provide Christ-followers and Christ-seekers with tools to live out our faith publicly. The title, Public Christianity, is dual-layered. On one hand it is living your faith in every part of your life, including in"public". Here I intend to provide tools for you to think through doing that. On the other hand I talk about the interplay between current events, media and ideas -- public things -- and Christianity on my blog, The Opposite PC.

About The Opposite PC: The Opposite PC is my blog. It's been a few years since I started here and I'd like to think I've matured and learned a little along the way. While this started with a more political bent, I think there are other, more effective, means of demonstrating our faith publicly. But it's a challenge. It is not politically correct. In fact, nothing about Jesus is politically correct. Hence, the title of the blog. To really live out our faith, we will ruffle feathers.

But in the past few years we've seen the rise of a new definition of PC - Post-Christian. With the "rise of the nones" and the losing influence our faith has had in American culture, to live as a Public Christian is not just contrary to Political Correctness but also to our Post-Christian culture. And there is no more crucial time than now for us to take up our cross and carry it daily in the public sphere.

Please browse my archives and you'll see that I cover everything. I go from writing about things heavy on my heart to headlines that catch my attention. The ultimate goal through all of this is to help all of us to develop a comprehensive Biblical Worldview, where we view all things through the eyes of Christ.

I thank you for stopping by. I hope we can grow in Christ together. And I hope you find enough here worthwhile to come back often.