Monday, June 24, 2013

Be Somebody

Last week I nit-picked some lyrics from Skillet's song, 'American Noise'. To stick with Christian hard rock, I'm going to pick on Thousand Foot Krutch this time. Just as I really like 'American Noise', I'm also a huge fan of 'Be Somebody'. However, this one lyric always gets under my skin whenever I hear it.

In the song, TFK describes their redemptive relationship with God through the lens of their own insecurity and immaturity. It's a great song as it speaks to a need we all have- to be somebody- and acknowledging that we can really only "be somebody" in Christ.

But there's one lyric where I think they have the relationship between them and God backwards. They sing, "I'm just the words you are the sound." Short line; like I said I'm nit-picking for the sake of discussion. But when we consider that "In the beginning was the Word..." (John 1:1) regarding Jesus and Paul writing that "All scripture is God-breathed" (2 Timothy 3:16) it seems to me like a glaring mistake, especially since it wouldn't change the flow of the song to simply switch roles: "You are the words, I'm just the sound." I believe this is closer to the truth and is how I try to live my life- I'm just noise, but God gives my noise purpose through the Word.

That aside, this is a powerful song. A song of hope and encouragement. Consider these lines:

I'm just a boy inside a man...
I'm just a speck inside your hand,
You came and made me who I am...
So when they say they don't believe,
I hope that they see you in me...
We all want to be somebody...

Now watch the video:

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