Monday, June 17, 2013

American Noise

This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks since hearing it on Air1. After looking up the lyrics, I felt I had to point out some "bad theology" for this Christian hard-rock band.

The hook in the chorus is "drink deep in the morning... see what the day will bring." It sounds like a Scripture reference, no? But the only scripture that could apply to is Proverbs 7:18 and is in reference to a prostitute. Proverbs 7 continues, "My husband is not at home... and will not be home till full moon." In contrast, in this song the verse is sung in hope, a plea to be free from the distractions of "American noise".

Or is it?

Instead could this lyric be ironic, alluring us like the prostitute of Proverbs 7 away from God? Another words, is the chorus the American noise and the verses the lament over its cacophony?

I seldom dissect a song so much, but the lyrics are so catchy and strike a chord with me. Our "American noise" keeps us from living like God intends, becoming lazy in a comfortable brand of Christianity. (If you read my blog very much, you recognize this is a consistent theme.)

Not to mention I'm not much of a Skillet fan, so this song stands out to me that much more.

What do you think of Skillet's new release? What do the lyrics say to you?


Phil said...

I've never heard it, but you've got me curious to check it out. I think we've all been there, we see a scripture we like and take off with it before diving into the true meaning behind it.

Fatha Frank said...

Phil, did the video load at the top of the page? If not, it should be easy to look up.

Hopefully I'm not being too critical. I really like the song, but the lyrics have me scratching my head a little.

Thanks for commenting!

Phil said...

Yeh it loaded. I don't think you're being too critical at all. It's definitely an interesting song, and you have a clearly valid point. Like I said, it's too easy to run with a scripture without taking the time to study the actual meaning behind it. Good thought provoking post.

Neill Hernandez said...

I take this lyric in reference to Mark 1:35 where Jesus got up early in the morning while it was still dark to pray. After his prayer he knew he had to go to the nearby villages to preach. I see this as Jesus drinking in deep the counsel of his father early in the morning in order to see what his day would bring.

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David Wahler said...

Could you be over thinking it?

I take it to be pray hard(drink deep) in the morning and see what the day brings.

My .02