Monday, March 04, 2013

Crazy Radical Following

There was a brother in my fraternity in college who had a signature move. During a meeting, he'd set his chair in front of him, place one foot up on the chair, and lean over his knee shaking his head saying, "Bros, this guy just doesn't get it." Sometimes he'd affirm the positive, that someone actually did get it. And more than a dozen years later, whenever I think of someone "getting it" or not, I picture him, arms rested on his knees, serious as a heart attack.

When I first started checking out these newfangled things called "blogs" and this new website called YouTube, I encountered Paul Washer. Missionary, evangelist, status-quo shaker-upper. His videos condemning the American church (TM) floored me. And I pictured my friend saying "he gets it."

That was several years ago, and few authors/pastors/preachers have made my eyes pop out like he has since. And then I read Crazy Love. Without catching a breath, I read Radical. And again I picture my friend saying, "they get it." Roughly the same time, Francis Chan stepped down from leading his megachurch because it had become more about him and less about Jesus (how many Christian celebrities are willing to do that!?) and David Platt upset the whole Southern Baptist Convention by calling the Sinner's Prayer "witchcraft".

Trouble makers. Making the rest of us nominal Christians look bad.

Last night I was talking with a brother about how our fellowship of churches have been leapfrogged by other churches in online media, social networking, and even doctrine. This weekend I watched the live stream of the Verge Conference where Chan, Platt, and others spoke on the theme of "making disciples" and I put my foot up on a chair, leaned over my knee and told my friend that there are a lot of voices out there that get it. They are ringing a bell that we have stopped hearing because we've been ringing it so long.

I mentioned in my last post that I'm not able to get around to Platt's Follow Me or Chan's Multiply; there's just too much on my plate right now. But that doesn't mean we can't discuss it. I encourage you to head over to The High Calling and follow the discussion Laura Boggess is leading this week. These books might tell you what you already know, or you might disagree with them completely, but I believe the discussion needs to be had.


Laura Boggess said...

I'm glad you're jumping in the discussion, Frank. I clicked through to some of your links and there's a lot to chew on here (he really called it "witchcraft"?? wow. I missed that.) My small group read Crazy Love together last year and we are still processing it. It feels good to be challenged this way, good to think about how my life needs to be conformed more to the Gospel. Still working on making the actual changes, though...:)

Fatha Frank said...

Laura, thank you for commenting. After my wife and I read Crazy Love, we had to share it, so we started a small group out of our home that continued for almost two years going over that book and a couple others, and working together to put our convictions into practice. (service in the community, commitment to prayer being the main two)

As for the "witchcraft" comment- that was the headline grabber. Platt described the prayer as similar to an incantation when we expect something magical to happen if we say the words just right. It's not Biblical, and it's borderline heretical depending on how it is applied.

Patricia said...

Hi Frank! I followed your link at the High Calling. David Platt's and Francis Chan's teachings are not new to me either, and that is why I'm thrilled that the High Calling is beginning a serious discussion on Platt's new book - one I had just ordered a week ago. By the way, Chan's introduction to Platt's new book is as important as the chapters. I hope you find time to read it. From what you've written here, I'm sure you will be encouraged.

Fatha Frank said...

Patricia, thanks for stopping by! I definately plan on reading it, just don't think I can get to it for the sake of the THC discussion. But I will be following closely, and probably commenting as well. Have you read Chan's Multiply? Platt does the intro for that one. And the two of them had a webcast where they kicked off both books under the umbrella of "The Multiply Movement". I think the Holy Spirit is working powerfully through them right now and I'm very interested in seeing where it all goes.