Monday, July 16, 2012

I Hear God Singing to Me

Continuing my posts from the 2012 World Discipleship Summit- I am still singing some of the great worship songs in my head more than a week later. Of course, a personal favorite is the international version of Praises Heard Around the World below. But what was your favorite song from the 2012WDS? (Or if you didn't attend, what is your favorite worship song?)

[Found the bug in the poll! For some reason the buttons seem swapped or that your vote doesn't show up right away. Pick your songs, click "vote" go back by clicking the "vote on this poll link" and then click "show results". That is long and tedious, but seems to work best.]

What Was Your Favorite Song from WDS?


Fatha Frank said...

I admit I'm playing around a little bit here. I wanted to post this poll last week right after the WDS, but it took me about this long to figure out how to do it. I'm not 100% sure this works though- I had to submit my vote a couple of times before it showed up. So please add your vote in the comments if the poll html doesn't work. Thanks!

saxdr said...

On the Mountain of the Lord

Fatha Frank said...

I knew there would be some write-ins. Thank you! (as I scramble to look up that song and remember which it is...)

Fatha Frank said...

Duh, the new one! To be honest, I'm only so-so on that song. It makes a good Christian-pop song, but doesn't quite stir me as a worship song. But that's just me. Thanks again!