Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Repost: What Would You Take?

Reposting as it seems half of Colorado is up in flames. I wrote this when a relatively small fire by comparison threatened my community a couple of years ago. That was nothing. The Facebook updates from my friends are downright scary as these fires continue to spread from Fort Collins, down to Boulder, and on to Colorado Springs (where these pictures are from). Please pray for cool weather, no wind, and especially rain. Pray for the safety of the hundreds of firefighters risking their lives to fight these blazes and for all those who have lost or will lose their homes. Pray, pray, pray.

Last week a blazing fire came perilously close to my community, momentarily displacing many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Though I was still a few miles away, the reality of losing it all hit home. Upon receiving the notice of evacuation, this is what one of my friends posted on Facebook:

For some reason,the desire for a bigger,nicer home was always a desire deep within my heart..after the events of the last two days, reading Matthew 6:19-20 has burned that desire into an ash heap, especially upon the realization that the most important things we took with us were each other, visual memories with our family and friends (pics), and some "important" papers (wouldn't have cared if those burned actually).
One of my friends from campus ministry always used to say about things, "well, it's all going to burn anyway" in response to everything from losing a CD to giving more on Sundays. Yes, it will all burn someday. So what's important?

If a fire was bearing down on your home, and you had little time to choose, what would you take with you?

(Photo credit: Courtney Colby submitted to the Colorado Springs Gazette and Helen H Richardson, Denver Post respectively)


Marcus Goodyear said...

Ack! That picture of the USAFA chapel breaks my heart. We are all praying at The High Calling.

Fatha Frank said...

Same here, Marcus. They told cadets not to report today. Praying for better news tomorrow.

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