Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Green Eggs and Sin

***Update: Added the full Green Eggs and Sin poem at the end of this post.***

So I mentioned I liked Sunday's sermon so much I would dedicate two posts to it. Click here for part 1 (and an awesome video!). You can also listen to the whole thing here.

That was the meat of the sermon. But the outline was taken from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. In that story, Sam I Am pesters an unnamed man to try green eggs and ham.

Would you eat them in a house? Would you eat them with a mouse?

The man resists and resists.

I will not eat them on a boat! I will not eat them with a goat!

After running though nearly every scenario imaginable (I mean, who eats with a mouse or a goat?), the man (SPOILER WARNING!!!) gives in and tries this unique delicacy.

And. It. Is. Delicious!

Satan is the same way. He pesters and pesters, pokes and prods.

(In fact Satan was pestering Ivan during the sermon. His phone went off. The wireless mic wasn't working. And the video I shared Monday didn't play.)

Will you sin in your house? Will you sin with your mouse (click)?

And sometimes we get so tired of resisting we give in. And sin tastes delicious! Just ask Eve.

But remember what I referenced Monday: if you "resist the devil, he will flee from you." (James 4:7) Think about how adamant the man was against trying the green eggs and ham. That is how we must oppose Satan's schemes.

I will not sin here nor there! I will not sin ANYWHERE!

Here's the full version. All credit goes to my friend, Ivan Strean. I'm not that creative!

Would you could you in your house?
Would you could you with your mouse?
Would you grumble will you groan?
Would you be with your girlfriend alone?

Will you have sin in your life?
Would you sin against your wife?
Will you allow yourself to hate?
Would you could you? It's your fate!

Do you need to make your relationships deeper?
Are you really your brother's keeper?
All this work seems hardly fair.
No one else does, so why should you care?

Do you need to read you Bible every day?
Aren't you tired, why go pray?
Haven't you heard all He has to say?
Who needs church anyway?

To which I reply:

I will not sin in my house.
I will not sin with my mouse.
I refuse to grumble or to groan.
I will not be with my girlfriend alone.

I will not have sin in my life.
I will always love my wife.
I won't allow myself to hate.
Understand this... It's not my fate!

I will make my relationships deeper.
And yes I am my brother's keeper.
I know God's will and it's totally fair.
I know my brothers and sisters and they totally care!

So I will read my Bible every day.
And I'm never too tired to pray.
I haven't yet heard all He has to say.
And everyone needs church anyway.

No I will not sin here nor there!
Nope I won't sin anywhere!
Satan, Satan, can't you see?
I won't life in sin

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