Thursday, August 11, 2011


Not enough time this morning for a full-blown post regrettably. But here are some other posts worth steering your attention towards.

Don't forget about this week's Blog Carnival, being hosted by my friend Peter Pollock. This week's topic is "fences". When I think fences, I think neighbors. And there's no worse neighbor than the one who hides behind his fence and doesn't interact with the rest of his neighborhood. That's me. If you participate in the carnival and I haven't commented on your post, that doesn't mean I haven't read it. I do most of my blog reading offline since I'm firewalled off from much in the blogosphere. I want to be a better neighbor, though. Just trying to figure out how in the schedule I have.

While I wrestle balancing career and ministry, needs of the day and passions for the future, a I related to a couple other bloggers recently. Johnathan Keck asks if we are destined to specific careers while Jay Cookingham considers a slight change of course to his writing passion.

This blog started off with more of a mix of politics in with our discussion of civil religion but I've drifted away from that lately. But both Carl Jones and Get Religion have write ups on the late Senator, Mark Hatfield, and how he bucked the trend of most Conservative Christians which made him hard to label.

Finally a post I should print out and frame because it hits on so much that I struggle over, Don Edelen has a terrific post on the visibly increasing divisions within American Christianity (TM). If you click on no other link above, I encourage you to click on this one.

All for now. Hopefully I can get more time to hash out some more thoughts later.

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