Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Love

I didn’t post a recap of our Crazy Love group last week and since we’re not meeting tonight because of Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d post today to fill the gap. Valentine’s Day is actually a good time to reflect on Crazy Love. The ultimate expression of love is God’s Son, Jesus Christ. But God expresses his love in other diverse ways. Every sunrise and sunset. The stars in the sky and the depths of the ocean. A smile from a friend and a warm embrace. Even the air we breathe. What more do we need to see how much God loves us?

So how do we respond to this love? We participate in a man-made institution that holds weekly meetings. That’s all church is. God gave us our life and many of us give back with an hour and half of our time a week. Just like Valentine’s Day; we can take the year off romantically, but if we go all out today then we prove just how much we love our partner. Sorry, but love doesn’t work that way.

Some just don’t get it. So enter Crazy Love. Our response to God’s profound love should be radical. It should not be half-hearted or distracted. It should not be limited by time or personality. It should be as all-encompassing and bold as God’s own love for us.

I was at the store yesterday picking up Valentine’s cards for my kids and I saw in the book section a display set up just for this holiday. The Love Dare, The 5 Love Languages… and Crazy Love. Well love is in the title and the book is red, it must be romantic! Uh, no.

The fear with this study group, and really any book study, is a wave of inspiration immediately after that fades with time. Just like this holiday may spark a period of unprecedented romance that is not expected to last. But I believe if you get through this book, you at least have the reminder that God’s love never fades on us and have no excuse.

If you don’t feel in love with God today, just stop. Look around. See the wonders of God’s creation all around you. Think of the sacrifice of His Son. Think of His grace and His love. Most of all stop thinking about yourself.

Hmmm. That’s good advice for Valentine’s Day too.

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Anonymous said...

most of all
stop thinking about yourself...

i can use that advice.