Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Reading, 11 September

I'm going to bypass my usually lengthy roundup of the week and instead direct you towards other compilations.
My recommended reading from last week is just one. On this day, for what all it means, we need to be reminded that monsters are real. Thank you Billy Coffey for such a terrific post.

God bless you all this weekend. Please say a prayer in remembrance of September 11, that the Prince of Peace will come to bring everlasting peace and that we may find what temporary peace there may be until He comes


katdish said...

Thanks, Frank. I am remembering this day with sadness that there is still so much evil in this world, but am encouraged by the knowledge that in the end, Love wins and God will be glorified.

jasonS said...

Thank you for the mention, Frank. I agree too that Billy's post was wonderful. Blessings...