Monday, July 12, 2010

What are your summer plans?

It's time for another Virtual Small Group. In case you weren't around, last time we went through the book, Living on the Edge, Dare to Experience True Spirituality by Chip Ingram, aka R12 The Book. I'm not going to share a book this time around (though that's coming) and I'm going to follow a more traditional small group schedule of "meeting" once a week (versus daily for R12). The subject this time around is to share our summer together: vacations, barbecues, times sitting by the pool. Whatever your plans may be, my prayer is to come out of summer refreshed and one step closer to God. I plan on the group "meeting" every Tuesday to give most of the week for any discussion. That means we kick off tomorrow in Bridget Chumbley's Blog Carnival. This week's topic? Summer. Coincidence? I think not! So to get us in the spirit of summer (as if you're not already!), I offer these questions:

What are your plans this summer?

How do you plan on drawing closer to God in the next 3-ish months?

Please leave a comment and please come back tomorrow as we kick off our virtual small group.


MP said...

My plans...We just spent a week in Kansas visiting family.

On growing closer to God...

I'm not sure how to put it into words, but just get deeper. Deeper prayer, deeper reading, everything deeper.

Fatha Frank said...

Thanks for the comment. Hopefully your visit with family didn't draw you away from God. Funny how that works.

Amen to deep. Will require some serious digging.