Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Reading, 31 July

Grateful for my kids letting me sleep in this morning! Grateful too looking back at blogs throughout this last week. I am blessed to have found a community of Christian bloggers that call me higher, challenge me, encourage me, and make me think. A (long) roundup of my favorites:
  • God is not a cosmic vending machine, plus other insight as Katdish meditates on Pete Wilson's book Plan B.
  • Aarron Reddin reminds me that us addicts like to make excuses. Especially when it comes to picking and choosing which of Jesus' commands to follow.
  • There are a lot of possible reasons David might have slipped. j4man considers a few.
  • Chad Missildine will never be a super-Christian. That's ok, neither will I.
  • Are we spending time storing up worldly blessings or eternal? Dusty Rayburn asks.
  • Glynn Young gives a thoughtful and personal review of the late Michael Spencer's book, Mere Churchianity.
  • Michael Perkins observes first hand that yes, God does use Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tips for how to destroy your marriage with an affair by Perry Noble.
  • Ryan Tate reminds us not to ignore our inklings.
  • In spiritual warfare, we need a band of brothers. Jay Cookingham measures his life in "friend years".
  • Sometimes a building has to be torn down before it can be rebuilt. A lesson we can apply to our lives and our writings, encourages Barbara Scott.
  • Meanwhile, driving over the potholes in life requires realignment, writes Billy Coffey.
  • Finally, Peter Pollock asks if we have the guts after watching one of my favorite movies, Freedom Writers.


Peter P said...


Thanks, Frank.

Great new site design, BTW.

Glynn said...

Thanks, Fatha Frank. Honored to be included in this group.

Michael Perkins said...

I continue to be blown away that anyone reads anything I write, let alone like it.

Dude, thank you.

Fatha Frank said...

@Peter, you're most welcome. And thanks for the kudos on the site. It was way overdue.

@Glynn, it's an honor to know you and receive your encouragment, kind sir.

@Michael, that's how God works. Keep after it and keep being blown away.

Thanks everyone for your comments!