Friday, April 09, 2010

Virtual Small Group

So how is all this R12 stuff going to work?

There are five sections of the book corresponding to the five relationships in Romans 12: God, World, Self, Other Christians, Non-Christians. (The book puts it much more elegantly: Surrendered to God, Separate from the World, Sober in Self-Assessment, Serving in Love, and Supernaturally Responding to Evil with Good.) Each section has five chapters. We'll be discussing each chapter Monday through Friday on this blog.

The R12 section of Living on the Edge online also has videos that correspond to each section. I'll link those from Facebook. If you're not a follower, no sweat, I'll direct you there from here or you can just click the R12 link on the sidebar. I'll do that on Monday and then follow up through the week with the Q&A videos the rest of the week.

I'll use Twitter to post updates on when the videos and blogs go up. I'll also post some "deep thoughts" corresponding to the TRUST ME reflections at the end of each chapter. You can follow me through the button on the sidebar so you can keep up to date on what's going on here.

Actual Q&A discussion, we'll see as it goes. I expect comments on FB and here. I'm also going to be posting discussions on the Living on the Edge FB page. Unfortunately, I don't have access to all these resources throughout the day because of firewalls at work and the remoteness of my worksite keeps me from being as "mobile" as I'd like. So I hope enough people are interested that can keep the discussion going until I can follow up in the evenings. Oh, and I'm on the West Coast, so that doesn't help any. The tweets will be scheduled though, so hopefully momentum can be maintained throughout the day.

Saturdays are bonuses. I'll be posting a summary of the original lesson that the chapters are derived from and using the discussion questions from LOTE's study guides.

You don't need the book to follow along. LOTE provides so many resources online you can participate easily through any of the means above. Even the lessons I'll be going over on Saturdays are available as "resources" that are linked with each video.

Next week is going to be off schedule a little. I neglected that there's an introduction lesson, video, and obviously an introduction to the book. So that's where we'll start on Monday and finish the last chapter on Saturday. The rest of the book will follow the schedule above.

Welcome aboard! I pray the next few weeks lead us closer to Christ and help us to reflect Him through all of our relationships.

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LLombardi said...

I'm looking forward to learning more about R12. Thanks for doing this Frank.