Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

Despite what Pat Robertson thinks, we shouldn't see this tragedy as he did Katrina or the Indonesian tsunami as the objects of God's wrath, but instead as opportunities to serve. There were already several ministries serving in Haiti when this hit and there are many more standing up to help in the recover from this tragedy. The first to come to mind is Audio Adrenaline's Hands and Feet Project and my own church's benevolence arm, HOPEworldwide. Please give. Please pray.

For other charities, click here.

***UPDATE: The American Red Cross' text 90999, which automatically adds $10 to your cell phone bill has rasied over $8 Million (that's a lot of Hamiltons!). Also, you can follow the progress of a group of missionaries from Lifechurch in Pennsylvania as they try to get into Haiti here.***

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