Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

Inspired by the most recent Coffee Break from Living on the Edge that referenced Psalm 103 and a desire to get at least one post up while on vacation. I'll focus on this part: "Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits." (Ps 103:2, emphasis added) I want to take this time and remember his benefits over the last year.

Work related: I'm grateful for the job that I've been praying to get for the last few years. I'm grateful for the recognition I've received from my peers for the work I've done. I'm grateful to be able to pursue some of the things I have a passion for- even though that hos so far been fruitless. And I'm grateful that have the opportunity, and the trust from my boss, to pursue them.

Family related: I'm grateful for my son's improvement in every possible area- his discipline, his speech, his writing. I'm grateful for his interest in God and Jesus. I'm grateful for his health after his struggles breathing and sleeping. I'm grateful for my daughter growing up too fast and being too smart. I'm grateful for the relationship she has with her brother. I'm grateful for the joy she shows me ever day when I come home from work. I'm grateful for my wife finishing her teaching credential and having new opportunities at work. I'm grateful for her active attitude to always be out running and the friends she's made (or friends she's grown deeper with) doing so. I'm grateful for our relationship and that despite a 4 and a 2 year old, we still are able to have quality time. I'm grateful for my mom's move and the extra chances I've had to visit her because of it. I'm grateful for my sister and her encouragement and support.

Ministry related: I'm grateful God still considers me worth of leading others to deeper relationships with Christ- after two small groups dissolved, somehow I'm still at it. I'm grateful for my recovery ministry keeping me grounded and my continued sobriety. I'm grateful for the families we've grown closer to through our small groups and the battles we've fought together. I'm grateful for the continued inspiration through God's word to instruct and encourage. I'm grateful for the writer's conference I went to where I met Peter and the encouragement to pursue writing. I'm grateful for others that I've met blogging and the fresh insight they all provide. I'm grateful for the teen I mentor- his patience with me and his open heart for God. And I'm grateful for the leadership of my church, the relationship I have with our Evangelist, and the men in my life that call me higher.

None of these things would be possible without God. Without him, I wouldn't have the character to have these blessings in my job. Without him, I wouldn't have the good relationship with my children or my wife. And without him, I would have no purpose with an eternal significance.

I am often asked why I have the faith I do. These are just some of the reasons. There are more, but those will have to wait until after I finish the turkey leftovers.

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