Friday, September 04, 2009

... You Will Not Stand at All

I posted recently about Jim Caviezel standing firm in his convictions regarding abortion despite the risk to his career. Of course, standing firm in one’s faith is more than a stance on a disputable political issue (though his objections aren’t politically motivated, there are Christians on both sides of the “right and available” debate). And I admire those who are consistent in applying their convictions even if I don’t agree with them, such as Ted Olson and LeRoy Carhart. I admire and respect them because holding on to their convictions carry risks to their careers, their relationships, and in the case of Carhart, their lives. It would be no surprise then to hear about someone being fired from their job because they would not waver from their convictions.

But I have no respect for those who cherry pick their convictions for personal gain or notoriety. Of course I’m talking about Carrie Prejean. I’ve mentioned this before, but now that she’s filed a lawsuit for “unlawful termination” I’m appalled. I would defend her if her “faith” was demonstrated in anything more than her views on gay-marriage. This is a woman who underwent cosmetic surgery for the sake of a vain competition, who flaunted her newfound fame in the wake of her honestly expressing her opinion. Sure, she attends a large evangelical church in San Diego. Good for her. But that’s not why she was stripped of her crown. Like I said, I would expect to hear about someone being fired on the basis of their convictions. Say the dividing issue was gay-marriage. Was she stripped because she wouldn’t bless or officiate over one? Obviously that’s not in her job description, so her opinion had no bearing on the expectations of her role. I would be more sympathetic if that were the case, but being fired for having an unpopular opinion, while wrong, does not equal discrimination.

It could be argued she is standing firm in her convictions. Fine, then denounce the pageant and all it represents with the objectification and subjugation of women. Speak out on any other faith-based (not politics-based) issue. Stop trying to sell yourself and your book. Stop seeking fame, and be humble.

"If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all." (Isaiah 7:9b)

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