Friday, July 10, 2009

40 Days in the Desert

GM emerged from bankruptcy today, 40 days after being forced there by the administration (although they were doomed to head there eventually). So how well did they do facing temptation in the desert?

When tempted to turn a stone to bread, they resisted and got rid of the stone (Hummer and the pebble Saturn).

When tempted to throw themselves from the temple, they threw Pontiac overboard. (at the cost of the sweet Solstice and the much-improved G6)

When tempted to bow at the altar of the government bailout, they quickly got on their knees. But to their credit, they plan on paying the government back well before the 2015 deadline.

So, GM and the Detroit auto-industry isn't Jesus after all. Which really comes as no surprise. But I just needed an excuse to link this story from last December, right before two of the Big Three fell. And steal the above picture from Salguod. That and I found it interesting that the news made such a big deal about it being 40 days. Better than 40 years, right?


salguod said...

G6? Meh. The real loss in a departed Pontiac is the G8. RWD and V8 power.

There's hope, this week Bob-I'm-not-so-retired-after-all-Lutz said the G8 is coming back as the Chevy Caprice. Then, later, it was reported that GM's less than certain about that after all.

Ah, same old GM.

Fatha Frank said...

Maybe I was thinking G8. I just remember when the G6 came out it was noted for its styling but criticized for its performance and features. Reviews of the most recent model claim a much better car. Interesting idea turning the G8 to a Caprice. Hopefully that means we could see an SS version. Just as long as they don't continue the old ways and also have Buick and Cadallac versions.