Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Buy This Book!

I bet you'd never expect reading that on a blog by an aspiring author. But there are many of us who have no celebrity, no following outside of local (congregation) and virtual (facebook/twitter/blogs) support, who feel a calling from God to use our talents for His glory. Some of us want to write fiction, some inspirational Christian living, and others want to share personal experience to build up and encourage the Body of Christ.

But then there are those who have celebrity, who are the headline of the week, who cash that in to market themselves under the veil of christianity (intentional little 'c'). For example just a month ago Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin was one of the books of the month at Family Christian. Now, they're embroiled in scandal with rumors of infidelity, questions about the sincerity of their parenthood, and the authenticity of their television show. They cashed in on their celebrity and sadly, their children. (More of what I think about that last subject here) And predictably, the christian consumer buys it hook, line, and sinker.

Now former Miss California Carrie Prejean is looking to cash in as well. The current poster-child of christian persecution wants to write a book about her experiences as Miss California. She wants people to "know the truth about what's going on and what has gone on through all of this." What truth would that be? The breast implants? The lingerie modeling? The throwing your sister under the bus? The sudden embracing of Jesus once the cameras stopped rolling and the controversy began?

Please, please, please I beg you do not buy this book! Instead of reading a book that's no better than tabloid gossip, pick up something that will edify your soul and draw you closer to Christ. I'll be back later with recommendations...

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