Monday, May 25, 2009

On Time God

Earlier I wrote about being called to a ministry. As I said, there are many issues on my heart. Besides the obstacle of fear, I also have to overcome the obstacle of my lifestyle. I look at something like “the one suitcase challenge” and I wonder how anyone could ever do that. I look at my own family, a wonderful wife with an engaging career, a son in preschool and a daughter in diapers, and I ask what do I possibly have time to do? I’ve been focusing on teaching by leading a small group at my church with the same theme as this blog. Is that enough? I don’t know.

I look at a coworker who leads missions work at his church. He travels to Russia once a year and to Mexico at least once a quarter. I see the joy it brings him (along with plenty of headaches) and am inspired to follow in his footsteps. Then I look at his family and his career and I contrast with my own. He has a fifteen year head start on me. He’s further along in his career and that has afforded him the flexibility in his schedule to do all that he does. He’s been married longer and his kids are older which has also helped him pursue his ministry.

I can look elsewhere and see the same thing. Those I admire are more mature, having learned from the school of hard knocks and many more years of in-depth Bible study. That's not to stop me from doing anything now however. But I need to have realistic expectations.

So I look and I’m told in my heart to be patient.

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