Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Culture War: Marketing

I've talked about "marketing the Gospel" a couple of times before, but in the commercial spirit of Christmas it's worth bringing up again. I admire those who emphasize the theological roots of Christmas by giving religious themed cards and gifts. One of the many Christmas letters I've received from family was actually divided into two parts- one giving the usual year-in-review, and the other encouraging us with the spiritual perspective. I've always wanted to be one who gives the religious card, but I find most to be cheesy. Of course, that's my problem- I have a regrettable bias against the overtly religious. So I got quite the kick when I saw this advertised at Family Christian. If you're in need of a last-minute Christmas gift, you can thank me later for the idea.

I love Guitar Hero. Ok, you got me, I can't play it. But I love watching it. I'm a total classic rock nerd. But some of the "satanic" stereotypes of rock and roll are overplayed in that game. If it's not the demon on steroids playing bass, it's the inflatable devil ripped right from Spinal Tap. So I thought a Christian version of the game would be pretty cool. Except that I can't think of any really rockin' Christian music. Sure, the game has P.O.D. and Thousand Foot Krutch, but also tobyMac, really? There are some I haven't heard of, of course (darn you XM radio for cutting The Torch station!) so one of my coworkers humored me and let me listen to his Pillar playlist on his MP3 player. Hmmm, not bad. But not Skynyrd or Rush.

Maybe I need to embrace this more. There are tons of products that are geared away from the World and I'm a sucker for what the major media cranks out. And who knows, maybe I'd be better trying to shred a Kutless lick instead of trying to imitate Hendrix.

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Rama said...

I'm the same way about overtly religious cards, but you have to appreciate those who do wear their cross on the out side of their shirts.