Thursday, July 10, 2008

Politics, schmalitics

I haven't posted lately and besides not finding the time, I haven't really been inspired by anything to post. I usually browse headlines looking for something relevant and I've been guilty of focusing too much on politics. Despite the Democratic National Convention coming up in a month, Obama oversees, and near-constant veep rumors, this is really a dead period in coverage. There's not much to grab my attention, and not much relevant to our lives as Public Christians.

But there are a few headlines that I didn't get to that I'm going to at least link to soothe my conscience. There's the feud between James Dobson and Sen Obama, the Williams Sisters (tennis, for the Sportscenter deprived) proclaiming their faith prevents them from participating in the presidential election (but they'd vote for Obama if they could), Obama surprisingly following Bush's trend with his own faith-based initiatives, Sen McCain struggling to court evangelicals, and yet another article exploring Barak Obama's faith.

That should keep you busy until my next post (which won't take more than a month, promise!)