Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some Changes for Election Time

I've added a couple of links and got rid of a couple of others. I was never really fond of having a link to the Moral Majority, but I thought it was the best representation of the Religious Right. But I never did find a "Religious Left" equivalent. And from all indications, the Unity '08 effort has been a flop.

So I've added the "God-o-meter" from beliefnet. It's a regular update of the religious rhetoric coming from the candidates and is a kick to read and keep up with, especially now that we're in the think of primary season. Another bonus is that from there you can jump back to beliefnet where there are blogs from Jim Wallis and others. I've also added the Newsweek/Washington Post "On Faith" page. I really like the "conversations" they have on relevant topics and their blogs are also very insightful. So happy reading. I pray these links help inform your Christian Worldview and inform not only your politics, but also your daily life as a Public Christian.

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