Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I almost forgot

A couple of posts back I said I was going to give you my reading list to prep for next year's election, so here 'tis. Of course, at some point I need to read the requisite "God's Politics: Why the Right Got it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It" by Jim Wallis, but that seems cliche' to start. Browsing the shelves at my local B&N, I found these: "The Politics of Jesus" by Obery Hendricks (If the title doesn't grab you, then you're reading the wrong blog. But reviews are left leaning and I'm hoping it's even handed.), "Washington's God" by Michael and Jana Novak (Leaning more to the right to balance us out.), "God and Government" by Charles Colson (I admit to being a Chuck Colson fan, after all he's lived all sides of this debate.) and "Finding God at Harvard" by Kelly Monroe Kullberg (This one is more to the overall theme of this blog and less to do with politics, but many of our current political elite come from these "liberal" institutes of higher learning.).

But before I get there, I have some other reading to do. The Religious Right longs for the halcyon days of the '50s when religion was practiced openly, children prayed in school, the Ten Commandments were posted on their walls, and everyone lived a Norman Rockwell perfect life. Well a while back at an antique store I found this magazine:

LIFE Special Issue, dated December, 1955 about Christianity in America. I figure let's go right to the source and see how the past compares to our idealization of it. I'll get to reading that soon and I'll post comments here.

And because yesterday's post probably drove away anyone half interested in this blog, I want to entice you to come back tomorrow when I'll post what I shared for Communion on Sunday related to the 4th of July.

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