Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trying to figure out the Value Voter

Besides falling way behind on blogging, not to mention updating my links, and adding all the bells and whistles any self-respecting blog would have, I haven't been able to follow the deluge of articles in the press regarding Value Voters and their role in the mid-term elections. So I'll give you some links and you can try and figure it all out yourself.

First, from the National Journal, an article that does a good job summarizing the issues both sides of the isle are facing with rallying their base, distributing voter guides, facing down the IRS and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Then Newsweek dedicates a whole issue to the subject. This I haven't had a chance to get all the way through yet but will ASAP and will post my thoughts tomorrow.

Finally, I can't close without commenting on what's going on with Rev. Ted Haggard. None of us have any right to cast the first stone, but it is always disheartening to see men of faith elevated to national prominence only to have their deceit exposed. I don't know the details, and I don't want to. But this should stand out as a warning for those who want to elevate themselves, or their favorite pastor/author/minister, to a position where not only are God's eyes on you but so are thousands who depend on your voice for guidance. Interestingly, this seems to plague the right moreso than the left. Rush and Bill Bennett come right to mind. Not to mention the televangelist scandals of the 80's and Pat Robertson consistently putting his foot in his mouth. Like I said, none of us can cast the first stone, but we need to look sincerely at Jesus' views of the hypocracy of the Pharisees and pray, "but for the grace of God, go I."

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