Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Left Loosey, Righty Tighty

So you might be asking, "what's up with the links?" (Or maybe you're asking, "could this be a more boring blog?" with your best Chandler accent.) Well, they're still a work in progress but what's listed as "resources" are meant to educate with a balanced viewpoint. I'm not going to spoil my leanings, they should become obvious in time, by only linking to political ministries I agree with. Although, if I claim to believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, then in some ways I agree with all political ministries that use scripture to make their stances on issues while at the same time disagreeing with all political ministries that use scripture to push personal agendas or forgetting that, "this world is not my own, I'm just passing through. If Heaven's not my home, then Lord what will I do?" So you'll see a little from both. I wish I could say I monitor everything I link regularly, but most of my posts will be from headlines either from my local paper or obscure websites I browse. The "resource" links are to educate and inform.

Do I favor the ones I list first? No, I'm following a left/right format where left-leaning ministries are on the left and right-leaning on the right. Makes sense, right? But I think there may be a conspiracy afoot: I think the world is set up to brainwash us into becoming right-wingers. "WhaHuh?" Think about it. You turn screws right to put things together. You turn screws left to take things apart. Right-wing is about togetherness. Left-wing is about anarchy. Clear? Ok, here's another example. Just the word "right" implies correct. Most people are right handed and lefty quarterbacks are looked down on. I'm on to something aren't I? Don't think this is too crazy. Perhaps you've heard how media is inherently racist when the good-guys wear the white hats and the bad guys wear black. What color did the crooks in Keystone Cops wear? That's right, black. And let's not forget the lesson we learned from Star Wars: the Dark side versus the Light. Or deeper still, that Darth Vader, the embodiment of evil, is all black only to reveal at the end that under the facade he is an old white man. Symbolizing that every black man, deep down, wants to be white. If you don't believe me, watch Chasing Amy.

But I digress, this is about the links. Not my Oliver Stone-esque conspiracy theories. The links, take seriously. My ramblings? Maybe not so much. Of course I was kidding above, talking out of the left side of my mouth.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

What the World Needs Now...

Is another religion/politics blog, like I need a hole in my head! (sung to Cracker's, "What the World Needs Now") So why me? Why this blog? And if you're here because of a blog search, I'm sorry! There's not much content yet, but I'm working on it.

A couple of years ago the world was introduced to a new term, "values voters," a segment of the population that (gasp!) voted their conscience. It didn't take long before this "new" segment of Americans became commercial, worldly, co-opted by special interests, and the new pop-culture buzzword. Since the '04 election some ministers have become politicians, ministries have become special interests, and being a Christian became more about how you vote than how you live. Now we're on the dawn of mid-terms, and both sides are fighting to capture the value vote.

So what makes me different? After all, aren't I buying into the system by becoming yet another religious/political blog? That's exactly why I'm doing this. To be different. While I'm not ashamed of this being political, I want the dialogue (or would a blog be more of a monologue?) to be more deep and broad than, "W sux!" or, "W rox!" I also want this to be more than just politics, but also how religion ties into pop-culture and what we can learn from what's going on in the world.

The links to the right are a work in progress. So far "resources" are related to the topics I post about, while "blogs" are brothers in Christ whom I respect that post on their convictions and their life. You might notice some of the links look like they don't belong (ACLU????). But I'll talk about that next time. So please come back!